Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blueberry Mochi Mini Cake: When the days are hard and the nights even harder

For Luke House Church, the once again victims of my experiment

Today I had one of those days where my patience was worn completely thin.   Granted, it's been wearing thin for a while, but today I was really pushed to my limit and found myself losing my temper with Daughter #1, Daughter #2, and Son.

There are many days, that simply getting out of the house is a gift.  In order to pacify an irritable Son and cranky Daughter, I loaded both of them into the car to drive to the ATM drive thru located about 4 minutes from our house.  The two sat in the back seat, suddenly angelic, listening to music and laughing with each other.

That scene changed about an hour later, when we got into the car to go to our house church and Son suddenly decided that the songs playing on the speakers were ALL HIS.  I wasn't entirely clear on what he meant by it, but he kept on insisting that a certain song was "MINE."  I knew that the song, "Blessed Be Your Name" was a personal favorite of his, as he often requested it, but suddenly claiming it as his own seemed a bit strange.  I asked Daughter #2 about it and she clarified that it meant that no one could listen to the song or sing to the song.  I got a bit testy, turned off the music and said, "God made the music for everyone to listen to and everyone to sing with.  It is not YOUR song.  I know you like it and it is your favorite but everyone can listen to it."

Son responded, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," and proceeded to enter a full blown temper tantrum at the top his lungs while I was driving in bumper to bumper traffic.  My patience rapidly deteriorarted and by the time we got to our destination, I really didn't want to have much to do with my children.  At our house church I found myself completely on edge and snapping at all three kids as they made me completely bonkers with their requests, demands and needs. 

Afterwards, we drove home and the car was completely silent as all three kids passed out in the card.  Right before falling asleep, Son said, "Mom - I found the moon.  It is coming home with us."  He promptly passed out but his words stuck with me as I watched the moon watch us and follow us and he seemed to say, tomorrow is a brand new day.

That peace I found quickly dissipated when I stopped at our home as all three decided to wake up and wail at the top of their voices and I had to shepherd three little ones into their beds at a rather late hour.Thankfully there was one lovely warm memory in the very hard day, and that was these little mochi cakes.  I watched many children eat and enjoy them and it made me smile.

I brought this blueberry mochi cake and the original mochi cake I had just posted to share with my house church. I was curious to see which one they would like better because although both have mochiko (sweet rice flour) in them, they have significantly different textures.  The results were evenly split among those who had to decide on one.  One house church member, PY said vehemently, "If you want to eat a mochi cake THIS is the one you eat."  (he was pointing to the original mochi cake.  I have to say that both are really yummy but I really do prefer the texture of the other mochi cake.  But no matter.  These are scrumptious and really fun to make.
Blueberry Mochi Cake
adapted from the Food Librarian
Makes 24 regular size muffin/mini cakes, or one 9x13 pan

1 lb box mochiko (sweet rice flour - equivalent to 3 cups)

2 sticks of butter (1 cup) melted
1 1/2 cups of sugar
12 oz can evaporated skim milk
4 eggs
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt

12 oz fresh blueberries (about 1 1/2 cups)

Preheat oven to 350. Grease muffin tins or 9x13 pan. (I find it easiest to just use cooking spray oil like Pam).

In a large bowl, mix together melted butter and sugar.  Whisk until well combined.

Add evaporated milk and mix.  Add eggs and mix well.

Add vanilla extract, salt and mix.  Add baking powder and whisk until it is fully incorporated.  Finally add mochiko powder, and mix until the texture is uniform and smooth.

Carefully fold in blueberries, trying not to crush them or the batter will change colors.

Carefully portion mochi cake mixture into prepared muffin tins (or 9x13 pan)

I had some leftover so I simply put it in another baking pan and baked it alongside.

Bake for 35 minutes, until crust is golden and slightly crisp.  If you prefer a softer texture, then reduce time.

Allow to cool for 10 minutes and then serve.  Perfect with coffee ice cubes drink. 

Printable recipe

the texture of this one is more cake-like and less mochi-ish, but the other more mochi and less cake.

NOT a good price, but so that you can see what it is. 


Anonymous said...

Sweet parenting story, J. Should I be able to find mochiko at a my co-op? Thanks.

Vivian said...

I am definitely making this as soon as I get my hands on mochiko!

P.S. You forgot to add the baking powder in your ingredient list!

Joanne Choi said...

i'm not sure if you can find mochiko at your co-op. You can look. Otherwise you can order and possibly stock on some other Asian food staples.

Vivian! Thanks for the catch! I wrote the recipe up very late last night...and missed that. Thanks for catching it for me!

Jen said...

THANK YOU for being so real and honest about your rough days parenting the kids. I know we all get frustrated and snap at the kids...but it's nice to actually hear stories about it. I appreciate your openness and transparency. You aren't trying to put on a "perfect" front for your blog followers, you are just keeping it real and raw.

Joanne Choi said...

Hi Jen -
I AM wounds me to be so frustrated, but I find writing helps me...and I'm trying to find some humor in things...which also helps. Thanks for reading and finding something small that resonated with you. :)

unjung said...

These were sooooooo good.

Joy said...

I have those days and something in you brings you back to your happy place. I love the cake. I try to use mochiko as much as possible instead of flour.

Cathy said...

I'm having one of those days, too. Just tried the mochi minis... and I FAILED! waaaaaaaah! This was the first time I made it... and my muffins collapsed! And I'm not sure what the texture is supposed to be like inside... but it's kinda mushy... is it supposed to be really dense and mushy? Any ideas on why they collapsed?

Joanne Choi said...

Cathy - can you check the date on your leavening? How old is the baking powder? I just had another person tell me that their cake collapsed, and when I asked her about the baking powder - turns out she was using one from 2005. If it is an old can (mine never get old because I bake so often) - try replacing it and starting again.

It is not SUPER dense, but it is chewier than regular cake.

DrKeithCurrie said...

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Blessed With Grace said...

I'll be making this today, well, I'll be making the original in mini cakes. My son does not like blueberries. It's been a very hard week, and even harder weekend with both kids sick and only getting worse and husband in the hospital for 6 weeks. I did have to smile with your story about "my song", that is my son. The epitomy of Dobson's strong-willed child. This past week has ended with me feeling like such an utter failure. I think making my first mochi cake will be a victory my family and I can enjoy together.

Anonymous said...

Not sure you're still checking this thread but I had to leave my thanks for your adaption of this recipe. I've made it twice in one week and family can't get enough. I've made both in a 8x8 and cupcakes and one 13x9. Yumm...


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