Monday, November 8, 2010

How to Host a Serve Yourself Dinner: The promise in a rainbow

For all those who came and took a step of faith....

I have a list of five prayer requests for the year 2010.  Already one has been answered so completely and so reassuringly and is a source of great encouragement for me.  The other four, I am still waiting for God's answer for them.  In order to really get breakthrough on the prayer, friend CY (the same one who goes to Haiti) suggested that I have a prayer dinner and get concerted prayer from a team of people to pray for my remaining four prayer topics.  I was agreeable to the idea, and then said, "Hey - if I am going to have the team pray for me and serve them dinner, what about opening it up to anyone who wants breakthrough on their prayers and invite others to come?"  CY thought it was a great idea, so I set a date, and began inviting people who might be interested in receiving some powerful concerted prayer as well as a light dinner.

It ended up being 29 people receiving prayer, 10 people who came to my house to pray over these people and an addition 15 other people (children, spouses, friends and drivers) who also were at my house.  That's 54 people.  I fed them all with some effort, but not any sort of herculean task that would be unmanageable.  I knew a big number was coming and I was thrilled and excited, but a bit stressed at how I could be hostess to all these people, serve them food and also be involved in praying for others.  All this over a 5 hour time span.  I decided to do a menu that would invite people to serve themselves, eat as much as they wanted, and yet be really warm and comforting food.

The day turned out to be dreary, wet, and rainy, but I didn't worry because the menu was set to be warm comforting soup, chili and mac and cheese, perfect for the wet day.  And right before the prayer meeting started, a couple of women exclaimed that I had to go outside and see the double rainbow that was literally over my street.  I saw it, and in it I saw God's promise to always be there and I took it to be a gift from Him, a reminder that I didn't need to worry and that He was already with me, helping me get the meal onto the table.

And that just set the tone for me.  I had the food all prepared from the night before, and all I did the day of the dinner was make a pie and clean up and set up the area for food.  At one point I looked out of the kitchen and saw some groups of people praying, being prayed for, and receiving prayer.  It was an amazing sight and I was thrilled.  Later when I had a moment to look up, I saw my kitchen teaming with people, all serving themselves soup, chili, mac and cheese and laughing, smiling enjoying the food.  And it was my second moment of real contentment and happiness. 

I honestly didn't break a sweat hosting this meal.  I was so blessed through the hosting, and I really wished it was more exhausting for me so that I can say that I worked super hard to see it through. I worked hard, but I know that God did more than I did, and that is why it was such a wonderful easy meal to prepare.  A serve yourself lunch or dinner is really a fun way to host, over an extended period of time, to a variety of different people.  I'm definitely going to do this type of dinner party again, very very soon.

Serve Yourself Dinner (or Lunch) Menu

Cheese, Salami, Crackers (pre-sliced cheese tray from Costco, sliced salami and crackers)
Spinach dip and vegetables (confession - I actually didn't MAKE this - I had planned to but forgot and the party had already begun.)

Main Course
Turkey Chili (prepared the day before, cooked, refrigerated until Sunday
Chicken Barley Vegetable Soup
Macaroni and Cheese
Crusy bread

Korean Sweet Potato Pie (I needed to make two of these, but I only made one.  BIG mistake.)
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Everything Cookies


sillie smile said...

still praying for you.. :)

Mommy Lim said...

i wish i was there....

Me, the hubby, plus 3 said...

do you use paper plates and bowls or regular dishes/bowls for your gatherings? you're amazing!

Joanne Choi said...

I did a mix...the bowls for the soups were glass (and I just ran them in the dishwasher later) but I did use paper plates mostly because I don't have enough glass dishes. I found that many were putting chili and their soup in the hot cups I had set out for coffee and warm people made do....serving themselves!

Joanne Choi said...

I did a mix...the bowls for the soups were glass (and I just ran them in the dishwasher later) but I did use paper plates mostly because I don't have enough glass dishes. I found that many were putting chili and their soup in the hot cups I had set out for coffee and warm people made do....serving themselves!


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